About R-E-D

Reach Engage Develop is a unique digital solutions provider. We are not a traditional digital marketing agency where all the attention is focused on the big spenders and everyone else gets the bare minimum. At R-E-D. we give every client the undivided attention they deserve. We provide tailor made digital solutions where our clients have access to our extensive expertise in digital advertising, website development and maintenance, social media management, online reputation management, location listing and much more. At R-E-D we specialise in the automotive, hospitality and restaurant industry where we have an impressive track record with our clients.

Our Team

The Team at R-E-D stems from the corporate sector with many years of senior management experience, across multiple industries, with the past 10 years being within digital marketing and systems, both locally and internationally. The combined experience stretches across working with large corporates and SMEs at varying levels within the supply chain. With this experience, we have learnt the importance and relevance of customer engagement in driving revenue sustainment and growth.

Core Values

To achieve great things, requires taking risks. The riskiest thing you can do is to take no risks at all. We encourage all our people to be brave and make bold decisions.
At R-E-D, being agile enables us to build more, learn more and grow more.
We focus on tackling the most important problems our clients face to maximize our impact.
Informed people make the best decisions. We deliver honest and accurate feedback to our clients.
We strive to build continuous value for our clients, our staff and our communities.

Our Philosophy

We believe successful marketing lies within the formula of delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right audience, using the most suitable communication channel.
How your audience relates to your content directly influences the level of engagement you will achieve.
Timing is crucial - if you get it wrong you could miss the opportunity. We understand the importance of accurately forecasting and predicting customer needs and behaviour to ensure timely communication.
As for audience, yes the shotgun approach can sometimes work if you only consider the positive outcomes, but the damage that is done behind the scenes is unknown.
At the core of the R-E-D philosophy lies the importance of accurate data. Data should be the most valued asset within any business, across customer data, linked products and associated activities.
Lead funnel... We prefer Conversersion Tunnel. It's all conversions: visitors into leads and leads into sales.
Systems and data need to flow seamlessly to enable improved turn-around times on enquiries and data insights

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